Alexis maston, Ph. D.

Dr. Alexis Maston did not attend school for four years of her life. She tells the story of being in and out of foster care and due to her mothers struggle with bi polor disorder she was not allowed to attend school from ages 11-14 age old. Tragedy eventually moved Alexis to East St. Louis with her family whom she previously had never met. The first week she was in Centreville she enrolled herself in school without I.D. or history of ever had attended. Alexis went on to get a Ph.D. in Adult, Professional and Community Education in 2014. Her dissertation was entitled Spiritualizing Hip Hop with Individual and Community Empowerment: The Spiritual Narratives of Four Black Educational Leaders. She has since went on to work in administration at the local school district and in a non profit organization with foster children. She also speaks at conferences and meetings sharing her story and experiences with others around the world.


Prophetic Voice and Poet

Alexis Maston is noted for her ministry gifts as writing and speaking prophetically to people all over the world. She writes individual poetry for people internationally and nationally. Using a unique rhyme scheme she uses names as a launch pad to speak into peoples lives. Alexis is a sought after speaker who travels twice a month hosting and speaking at ministry events. Alexis can be seen on Periscope and Youtube. Alexis's poetry has been published in academic journals, books and magazines. Read some of her poetry below.